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Lingo Media Corporation (CVE:LM) gained another 8.00% to close at $1.35 this aftern

1/7/2010 6:29 PM
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If you are having trouble viewing this message, please go to Hi , Lingo Media Corporation (CVE:LM) gained another 8.00% to close at $1.35 this afternoon! Today LM fluctuated between of $1.25 - $1.45 and broke technical resistance gaining 50% since last Thursday.

This stock has made big moves and PSC loves a gainer. We think LM will close green for its third consecutive week! The chart shows a clear breakout and we expect upside levels to reach $2.00 by next week! The company told us to expect news, so stay tuned because this should make the stock jump! Lingo Media also trades in the US under the symbol LMDCF The English language training market is valued at $15 billion! China has one of the largest education systems in the world! According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, there were 109,000 registered training institutions in China in 2008, with student enrolment registered at 28.244 million; 640 private colleges (including 322 independent colleges) had 4.013 million enrolled students, and the number of private training institutions registered was 19,579, with 8.3476 million persons trained in 2008.

A key growth driver for the English language training industry is Chinas increasing unemployment levels. In order to become more competitive in the labor market, more people, including recent university graduates, are pursuing English training creating significant opportunities. English language training is used as a retention tool; and a means to increase ones career advancement opportunities.

Over the past two decades, China became the world`s 7th ranking exporter and 8th ranking importer; therefore people able to speak and write English fluently are reserved first choices in the Chinese labor market as demand for English speaking people in China far exceeds supply.

On each level in which China has increased foreign trade, including investment and foreign visitors, more English speaking professionals are needed! Lingo Media is now positioned throughout 80 schools in 30 cities! LM could be the next New Oriental! New Oriental Education and Technology Group has had over 7 million student enrolments, including 1.5 million enrolments in 2009.

The training group is comparable to Lingo Media with a network of 48 schools, 270 learning centers, 23 New Oriental bookstores and over 5,000 third-party bookstores and an online network of 5 million registered members.

Take a look at the revenue and growth trend for New Oriental for yourself! Lingo Media is a lead international provider of online and print-based education products and services. The company was won the support of key government and industry organizations across the globe promoting English Language Learning at all levels.

Lingo Medias added value is entry into one of the fastest growing language training opportunities in the World! Lingo Media is the result of rare expertise and a long term relationship with the only leader in education with a history of success established in 80 schools in 30 cities across China! Lingo Media provides English language learning opportunities and learning materials for students at all levels from the classroom to the boardroom.

Opportunities for Lingo Media are mushrooming:

In December LM announced a deal with China Southern Airlines to install and implement their proprietary English language training platform for all corporate coaching.

Lingo Media paired up with Lion King to jointly launch training and assessment services aimed at the adult market in China. The joint venture will market, launch and distribute its English training materials throughout Beijing and Lion Kings 80 schools in 30 cities across China in Spring 2010.

LM will host a state-of-the-art English language testing and training service platform for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai beginning in May 2010! PARLO & LION KING JOINT VENTURE SIGN CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES AS FIRST CORPORATE TRAINING CLIENT Toronto, Canada, December 3, 2009 Lingo Media Corporation (TSX-V: LM; OTC BB: LMDCF) ("Lingo Media"), a leader in online and print-based English language learning solutions announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Parlo Corporation (Parlo), a training and assessment platform and its joint venture partner, Lion King Education (International) Group (LKE), have signed China Southern Airlines (China Southern) as the first corporate training client for its English language training platform.

Parlo has worked successfully with its new partner, LKE, who secured this first corporate training client. The service will be used to train more than 5,000 cabin attendants and over 1,200 ground service staff in job-specific spoken English.

The Parlo solution will repurpose China Southerns training manuals to create nearly 150 lessons which teach cabin crews to deliver English language announcements and to handle conversations with passengers and international support staff. The solution integrates Parlos proprietary speech-recognition system to train and test pronunciation. Animated avatars take the place of live instructors for a fully-scalable solution.

China Southern is the largest international airline operating in China, and the world`s fifth largest airline by passengers carried. The airline is aggressively expanding its international routes to establish itself as the airline of choice for international business people and tourists coming to China.

China Southern Airlines Party Secretary Zhang Zi Fang said: "The 2010 Asian Games will attract a large number of foreign visitors to Guangzhou, which is the global headquarters for China Southern. It is our goal that all China Southern cabin crew and ground customer service personnel can speak and communicate fluently in English. This will help us to strengthen our overall services to our customers and position China Southern as the first choice for international travel to and from China. English language fluency allows us to build a truly international airline." Gali Bar-Ziv, Chief Operating Officer of Lingo Media said, "China Southern was eager to find a training provider which could address its specific needs. The airline required that its existing training materials be adapted for online use in the program as added value to its live training. The program needed to focus on spoken English to help staff quickly upgrade the accuracy of their pronunciation and fluency of speech." About China Southern Airlines (NYSE: ZNH) China Southern Airlines ( operates the largest and most technologically advanced airline fleet as well as the most extensive domestic air network in The Peoples Republic of China with convenient connections to all main cities in the world via close cooperation with all the SkyTeam member airlines. Currently, China Southern Airlines is the 4th largest airline in the world and 1st in Asia; ranked as the largest airline in China for 30 consecutive years and is the only carrier in mainland China in the worlds Top 10 passenger airlines.

About Parlo Parlo is a training and assessment business whose on-line offerings will provide a series of targeted lesson modules to help employees, civil servants & professionals develop their spoken English skills as needed to remain competitive in the workplace and global economy. Parlo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lingo Media Corporation.

About Lingo Media (TSX-V: LM; OTC BB: LMDCF) Lingo Media Corporation ( is a diversified online and print-based education products and services corporation focused on English language learning (ELL) on an international scale through its Lingo Learning Inc. subsidiary, a print-based publisher of ELL programs in China, Speak2Me (, an online ELL community, and Parlo, which today is an integrated language and cultural immersion portal ( Lingo Media has formed successful relationships with key government and industry organizations, establishing a strong presence in Chinas education market of 300 million students. The Company continues to broaden its presence in China as well as other major English language learning markets, to provide access to world-class English learning solutions on a global scale.

For further information, contact:

For Lingo Media Michael Kraft, President & CEO Tel: 416 927 7000 Toll Free Tel: 866 927 7011 ext 33 Fax: 416 927 1222 Email: [] To learn more, visit Please do your own due dillgence on Lingo Media.

For more information, please visit our website.

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