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1/18/2010 7:29 PM
Penny Stocks by: Penny Stock Chaser

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If you are having trouble viewing this message, please go to Hi , The volume on Friday caused quite the buzz with ALTO finishing up 25.21% high!!! There is no need to read between the lines, PSC is marking ALTO our gold pick of the year!!! We examined the charts and Friday really set the bar. We will be looking for this kind of action in the weeks to come. ALTO hit a high of 0.61 on Friday and its 52 week-high stands at 0.82. We think it wont be long before it surpasses that high and reaches past the $1.00 mark.

Get in on ALTO first thing tomorrow because the action is gonna get hot!! When it comes to gold its all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!! The global hot spot for gold mining is Ghana and we wouldnt want ALTO to be anywhere!!! Ghanas mining industry has boomed in recent years. It is Africa`s second largest gold producer after South Africa. Production of the country`s gold increased from 287,124 ounces in 1986 to 1.58 million ounces in 1996 and in 2005 production was at 2.14 million ounces. In the last few years there has been over $1.5 billion in mining investments with current production at 9 million ounces and a current resource of 78 million ounces.

Also working out of Ghana are Keegan Resources and Red Back Mining. When you look at their charts its like we are seeing double but thats not good enough for us!!! We wont stop until we see triple with ALTO following the same climb!!! Keegan Resources (KGN) Red Back Mining (RBI) Alto Group Holdings Inc. (ALTO) Keegan Resources holds two premier gold assets in Ghana. The stock gained almost 600% in value in only one year. KGN closed on Friday @ 6.73.

Red Back Mining has a lot to smile about too. The company is working on its Chirano Gold Mine in Ghana. The stock almost tripled in value in only a year. RBI closed today @ 17.71.

ALTO is here to deliver you the goods and PSC is gonna deliver you the facts!!! We were being nosy neighbours and had a look at Red Back Minings backyard and here is what we found:

- RBI achieved record production of 111,193 oz in the fourth quarter of 2009 resulting in full year production of 342,085 oz, a 31% increase over 2008 production; - For 2010, the Company is forecasting total gold production in the range of 485,000 to 525,000 oz. This is a 46% increase over 2009 production levels for 2010.

- In 2009, RBIs Tasiast project in Ghana produced 158,660 oz of gold, an increase in production of up to 20% from the year prior - For 2010, Tasiast is projected to produce 245,000 to 265,000 oz, again an increase in production of close to 60% compared to 2009 - In 2009, RBIs second project in Ghana, Chirano, produced 183,425 oz of gold, up almost 50% compared to 2008 - For 2010, Chirano is projected to produce 240,000 to 260,000 oz, an increase of 35% in production compared to 2009 It is clear to see gold production in Ghana is on the rise, so you do the math...

Take Red Back Minings forecasted gold production of 485,000 to 525,000 oz for 2010 X the rising price of gold = A LOT OF CA$H We are so happy ALTO is close by!!! We are really excited about ALTO and its potential. This is a company with both its feet on the ground and a crew working around the clock.

There is nothing stopping ALTO from reaching these highs. Now this is what we are talking about!!! Please remember to do your due diligence on ALTO For more information on ALTO please join us on our website.

If you need more information on ALTO, please join us @ Please do your own due diligence on ALTO.

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