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Re: AJGH "The Only" Blue Chip Penny Stock! $1.00 into $5.00....

5/17/2010 7:07 PM
Penny Stocks by: Research Driven Investor

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The Only Blue Chip Penny Stock!    my, read each word, or close the email now and carry on....

  Many people ask me "how do we find the next microsoft, or the next apple"   Answer : Find a real small-cap company with consistent revenue and profits before the big boys do!   Shareholders Could Strike it RICH if AJGH Becomes China`s #1 supplier of Alternative Fuel! Fill `er up, Trader!   American Jianye Greentech Holdings (AJGH) develops, manufactures and distributes alcohol-based automobile fuel products (ethanol and methanol) in the People`s Republic of China.

(3) "New" announcements could skyrocket its shares!   First , AJGH is building its own refinery to process its expected production of 200,000 tons of blended fuel each year - which could add $20 million to the company`s coffers! AJGH already has access (through joint ventures) to over 800,000 tons of fuel annually - which could add another $80 Million in revenues! ~~

"Now... how many $100 Million companies do you know of that trade for only $1.00 per share" ~~

   AJGH President, Mr. Hapeing Wang commented: "Strong demand for our alcohol-based fuel products should produce positive revenue and earnings growth going forward as we continue to add new distributors into our clean fuels distribution network."   That`s the 1st reason I think AJGH`s shares could spike this week! The second reason AJGH shares could spike this week...

  AJGH just announced it will begin operating a large network of retail gas stations - this year! These gas stations will sell BOTH conventional and AJGH`s alcohol-based fuels! "Our goal is to expand all of our fuel distribution networks in advance of our new refinery coming on line later this year. We see these retail gas stations as natural avenue to pursue that objective and believe these operations will benefit our overall distribution profit margins," said Mr. Wang.

The third reason AJGH`s shares could spike this week...

    AJGH expects to realize 1st quarter sales of $15 Million - and a profit of $1.5 Million! And yet, AJGH only started operations in September of last year! And they had 4th quarter revenues of $9.7 Million and a net income of $1.2 Million!   ~~~

  AJGH could see a BIG Bounce off current support! Having recently pullback back nearly 47%, AJGH appears poised to retest its 50-day moving average around $1.45.

I expect upside volume to expand on a breakout above $1.45 MACD downside momentum shows signs of stabilizing and could turn positive soon The stochastics are nearing oversold - this could result in a near-term bounce - very soon!   Bottom Line : AJGH is an aggressive company - and with China fast becoming one of the largest automobile markets in the world - AJGH`s future as a company, and as a trade, can`t be ignored!   I think AJGH has the potential to a "BIG Winner" in the near and longer term.    David Cohen Chief Editor Research Driven Investor   PS. What ever it takes to own AJGH you must take action to do!!                             www Researchdriveninvestor com is owned and operated by Research Driven Investor, LLC which is owned by David Cohen, which is an American corporation, Research Driven Investor LLC., and its owners, and their affiliates, directors and officers, and immediate family members, are hereafter collectively referred to as "RDI" or "we" or "us" or "our). 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We pay cash consideration to the Service Providers; no securities compensation is paid to the Service Providers; and (r) our employees post messages on their individual message boards as a method of disseminating the Information on behalf of our Issuer clients which should never be used as a means of conducting analysis into the Issuer and should only be used as a star ting point to obtain the names of pink sheet or OTC Bulletin Board companies.dom: RDI received forty thousand dollars and expects an additional forty thousand dollars cash to profile AJGH for thirty days from Bill Mackey, a third party consultant.   

David Cohen , Editor and Publisher of the Research Driven Investor , now ranked as one of the top five performing micro-cap  investment newsletters in America from 2003 to 2009 .


Another Profitable Year! Despite horrendous market conditions, David Cohen`s picks published in Research Driven Investor netted an average gain of 24.7%, winners and losers combined! 2008-2009 Winners included:

Fording Coal up 153% 12 mths Deere & Co up 90% 3 months NTG up 36% 2 months Goldcorp up 36% 3 months Alpha Nat. Res. up 160% 5 mths ABB Ltd up 108% 18 months Freeport McMoran up 37% 3 ms AK Steel up 63% 12 months Bayer up 76% 18 months HDFC Bank up 114% 16 months Petro Brasileiro up 53% 3 mths Barrick Gold up 24.69% 3 mths Aquarius Plat. up 151% 18 mths Co. Vale de Rio up 32% 3 mths Pec. Cast Parts up 120% 18 ms iShares Brazil up 87% 18 ms Mosaic up 29% 13 months   2005 Company Name. All rights reserved 328 8th Ave ste. 322 New york, new york, 1001 To


See Research Driven Investor's website for full disclaimer. Research Driven Investor may have received compensation for stock picks.
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