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Stock Picks for Friday -June 11,2010

6/11/2010 12:50 AM
Penny Stocks by: Penny Stock DD


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I have not sent out a newsletter for a number of weeks due to vacation in Florida. I hope some of you may have visited my site because when I am not able to send out a newsletter due to time constraints, I post my Picks directly on the site.If any of you are interested in receiving SMS Alerts on moving stocks, please email me at There will be a cost involved,but i will get it from a service as cheap as I can. So here we go for Tomorrow. Short and Sweet.

ARMH- ARM HOLDINGS ADR: There is support for the stock at $12.03 level and resistance to be met at $ 12.79. This stock is one of my choice Picks.

APWR- A POWER ENERGY : There is support for the stock at $8.53 level and the first level of resistance will be at $9.44.

YGE- YINGLI GREEN ENERGY HOLDING COMP: This is another stock in my basket as a longterm hold. Support at the $10.07 level and resistance to be met at $10.34 cents PIP - PHARMATHENE INC: Support level for this stock at $1.56 and first level of resistance at $1.61 Before I finish up this brief Newsletter,2 other stock to follow as my Picks. CREE and CCL.

Should you have some suggestions or feedback good or bad, please email me at the email address provided at the beginning of this newsletter.

Good Luck Tomorrow and Let`s make money.

Cheers and I wish you the Best Don This message was sent by: Penny Stock DD, 1 Wallstreet, NY, NY 90210

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