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10/6/2010 4:49 PM
Penny Stocks by: Options Xpress

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optionsXpress background Market Recap In Play Late relative sector strength Seeing some interest develop in late trade with relative strength (outperforming the S&P) noted in: Reg Bank KRE, Semi SMH, Technology XLK, Rail, Gold GLD, Health XLV.

Minor new low for small-cap Russell 2000 but major averages continue to range trade above afternoon lows -- Dow +3.5, S&P -3.1, Nasdaq -25 AMR Corp: U.S. Department of Transportation tentatively grants antitrust immunity to American Airlines and Japan Airlines American Airlines and Japan Airlines, both members of the oneworld Alliance, announce an order issued by the United States Department of Transportation tentatively approving the antitrust immunity application filed by the two airlines in February. By this action, the DOT has moved another step closer to granting antitrust immunity to the two airlines as allowed under a provision of the Open Skies agreement initialed by the United States and Japan last December. Open Skies allows new service between the U.S. and Tokyo International Airport at Haneda. American will begin daily flights between New York`s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Haneda on 1/20/2011, while Japan Airlines will commence daily flights between Haneda and San Francisco as well as Honolulu starting 10/31/2010. Under an immunized agreement, the two airlines will cooperate commercially on flights between North America and Asia while continuing to operate as separate legal entities.

Great Minds Trade AlikeSM New Trading PatternsSM .

(PATENT PENDING) Look into the collective conscious of our traders and find potential trading opportunities. Only at optionsXpress. Events and conferences of interest for tomorrow Events and conferences of interest for tomorrow, October 7, include:

CHK, DAL, CE at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Leveraged Finance Conference; QLGC Analyst Meeting. Central Bank/Treasury: Fed`s Fisher; Fed`s Hoenig.

Philip Morris International: Jury verdict for Philip Morris USA in Manatee County Engle case For the second time in one week, a Florida jury today ruled in favor of Philip Morris USA in an Engle case. The first trial in this case resulted in a mistrial in May.

Emrise reports purchases made during first open window for insider buying in more than 21 months Co announced that since September 10, 2010, when the window for insiders to buy and sell stock opened, the Company`s Chairman and CEO Carmine T.

Oliva and other insiders purchased shares of EMRISE common stock in open market purchases. As a group, insiders purchased an aggregate total of more than 24,000 shares.

Johnson Controls to build $118 million automotive battery plant in Chongqing, China Co announced it is investing $118 million to build a third automotive battery plant in China, to be located in Chongqing. The plant complements the company`s existing plants located in Shanghai and Changxing, and expands the company`s geographic presence to the central western part of the country. Ground breaking for the plant will take place in January 2011, with production slated to ramp up beginning in January 2012.

Pro-Dex appoints Harold Hurwitz as CFO effective October 6, 2010 succeeding Jeffrey Ritchey who has left the Company More In Play...

Indexes & Quotes DJIA 10,967.65 22.93 S&P 500 1,159.97 -0.78 QQQQ 49.23 -0.43 NASDAQ 2,380.66 -19.17 CBOE VIX 21.49 -0.27 More market data...

OX Put/Call Ratios Long Short 0.47 0.70 View more...

optionsXpress Most Actives Option Change SPY -0.01 AAPL 0.25 SPX -0.78 QQQQ -0.43 GE 0.39 AMZN -5.47 RUT -4.02 CBS 0.44 GLD 0.82 BAC -0.17 View more...

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