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Lebed Alert - iCloud stocks to EXPLODE tomorrow!

10/12/2011 3:29 PM
Penny Stocks by: Lebed

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With Apple (AAPL)`s iCloud services finally launched today after many months of anticipation, I expect every major investor on Wall Street to start searching tomorrow for iCloud/cloud computing related plays and there is no BIGGER cloud play in the world today than IWEB! To make it simple... I expect IWEB to EXPLODE starting tomorrow so you better not miss out, research IWEB today before the market closes! My last HUGE pick from yesterday BOB gained 33% on 25X higher than normal volume and I believe IWEB has MUCH BIGGER potential! You won`t believe this but this morning, on the very day of the AAPL iCloud release, IWEB announced a MAJOR cloud computing order! Read about it here: Read this article out just a few minutes ago about the launch of the iCloud:

Here is an EXTREMELY important quote from the article, "In many respects, the big news from Apple this week isn`t iPhone 4S, no matter how long the buying lines might be come Friday, but iCloud and iOS 5. As I contended earlier today: "iCloud is Apple`s killer app". iCloud is a synchronization service that pushes email, contacts and calendars -- like predecessor MobileMe -- and offers online data storage. But there`s much more, such as synchronization of applications or digital content like music and movies purchased from the App Store across devices. It`s unsurprising that Apple would take a sync-across devices approach. After all, the company generates most of its revenue from selling hardware, not offering cloud services." IWEB announced today that it has received an order from a New York City-based cloud computing services company. The Model 6000-HR will be deployed in their cloud-based, VMware server environment.

The market for disk storage in cloud computing deployments is forecast to grow from $267.4 million in 2010 to $1.45 billion in 2015 and is on pace to total $417.3 in 2011, a 56% increase from 2010! IWEB is the best positioned small-cap publicly traded company for this rapidly growing market, in my opinion! IWEB is a PURE PLAY in cloud computing and possibly the lowest priced cloud stock with the greatest upside potential! I will have so much info on IWEB tonight to help you research it, so be ready! You don`t want to miss out on what could become one of our biggest short-term gainers of the entire year! ----- My firm Lebed Biz LLC has been compensated by a third-party (Wall Street Grand, LLC) $25,000 cash for a one-month IWEB investor relations contract. We could soon sign an additional investor relations contract regarding IWEB and be compensated additional cash. My firm Lebed Biz LLC has been compensated by a third-party (Wall Street Grand, LLC) $20,000 cash for a one-month BOB investor relations contract. My firm Lebed Biz LLC was previously compensated by a third-party (Wall Street Grand, LLC) $25,000 cash for a one-month IWEB investor relations contract which has since expired. My firm Lebed Biz LLC was previously compensated by IWEB $20,000 cash for a one-month IWEB investor relations contract which has since expired. Never invest into a stock we discuss unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. For our full disclaimer go to: Jonathan Lebed Staff This message was sent to from:

Jonathan Lebed | 350 Ramapo Valley Rd | Oakland, NJ 07436

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