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NSRS is Being Called a $4 Opportunity!

1/11/2012 4:34 PM
Penny Stocks by: Monster Stox

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Dear Valued Subscriber, NSRS kept up the good fight today not allowing the shorts to win. Although we saw slight retraction early in the day, we saw what looked like the beginning of a rally, and we feel there are many reasons to still be active with this great company.

First off is a report we recently came across on that NSRS could become a stock that should go above $4.00! [1] y-in-north-springs-resources Based on local mine productions at nearby properties and the estimated amount of gold in their properties this is thought to be very obtainable.

The Guyana property sits next to the Omai Mine property, which was re-discovered as a large scale commercial mine with over 4 million ounces of gold produced. If the NSRS mine is just half of that at 2 million ounces of gold, this would equate to a $3.2 billion in gross mineral value. With 696 million shares outstanding, this would be gross mineral value of $4.60 per share.

With that in mind we have to believe that the current $0.45 range is extremely undervalued! But theres more The Nevada Mining Association recently commented on the future of its mining industry. The association noted that the mining industry depends on continual exploration to identify new mineral resources to open new mines and extend the life of existing operations.

Despite its long history of mining, Nevada still possesses considerable mineral reserves and its untapped geologic potential continues to make the state one of the most prospective mineral provinces in the world.

We hear subscribers asking when this next major break out could happen. While no one can say for sure, the charts are looking a lot like past mining companies right before a major short squeeze! The positives for NSRS seem to be aligning and we feel that the shorts are panicking as we speak! Our team has said it before and well say it again, there may not be much time left to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

We are continuing our strong announcement to all subscribers NSRS and will continue to update you as we see any developments! Sincerely, The Team ****************************** ***********************

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References 1. 2.






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