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IFHR - Will The Breaking Merger News Give a Triangle Breakout Today?

2/1/2012 9:49 AM
Penny Stocks by: StocksGW

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[1] [2] [3] [4] RECENT WINNERS: YBTVQ: +4233% SCNG: +660% STHG: +1100% WSRA: +700% THE NEW WILD PICK IS...[5]IFHR (Rhino Human Resources Inc.) Good Morning Fellow Traders, These are some of the reasons [6]IFHR may breakout and be a mover today:


This is a low float, sub 0.10 ticker that has seen recent DAILY MOVES THAT EXCEED 100%, and is within a triangle pattern that showed the start of an upside breakout today, AND MOST IMPORTANT [8]JUST RELEASED NEWS THAT IT IS READY TO START DISCUSSIONS WITH A SUITABLE MERGER CANDIDATE THAT WILL TAKE THE COMPANY TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

[9]IFHR - Rhino Human Resources, Inc. is a next generation holding company aimed at dominating several industries and diversifying its holdings through acquisitions and revenue generating subsidiaries. The company currently runs Lone Staffing Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary in the staffing industry.

"Lone Staffing has a unique and explosive business model -- assisting companies in recruiting `commission only` employees and independent contractors. In today`s economy, self employment and non-salaried commissioned reps are literally saving companies from bankruptcy," offers Raymond Barton, Chairman, who adds that "traditional head hunters just cannot fulfill these types of requests because their systems base their fee on the monthly or annual salary of placed employees. It`s a niche that I believe will take Lone Staffing and Rhino Human Resources straight to the top." From a technical standpoint, [10]IFHR has an attractive chart. Currently trading at 0.08, and a total float of only 7,496,780 its value stands at a mere $599,742! And it could be that very reason that a number of times in the last few months, price has risen OVER 100% IN A DAY since only miniscule interest among investors can shake the ticker upwards rapidly and that was WITHOUT the merger news! Even more attractive now is the fact that [11]IFHR has formulated a triangle pattern. The triangle pattern has a line of support that slopes upwards and a line of resistance that slopes downward (see chart below). [12]IFHR has built up this pattern over the last few couple of months, and only TODAY BROKE UPWARDS OUT OF ITS PATTERN.

Today`s merger news can help this breakout pattern as more investors now suddenly clamor into this company and its potential interest tomorrow could be highly invigorated.

[13]Rhino Human Resources Ready For Next Step In Companys Growth Rhino Human Resources, Inc. (Pink: IFHR), Holbrook, New York, today announced that the company has risen from the proverbial quicksand that holds many small-cap companies from reaching past the reputation of a penny stock, and now is ready start discussions with a suitable merger candidate that will take the company to the next level. After posting its financial disclosures for 2010 and the first half of 2011 earlier this year, Rhino is now nearing the completion of preparing the 2011 Annual disclosure bringing the company current once and for all before the end of the month if all goes as planned. Continue reading [14]here.

We can`t wait to see what happens with [15]IFHR tomorrow and going forward as its pattern breakout shows itself and now that the rumor talks of the merger are confirmed. Make sure to keep [16]IFHR on your trading screens tomorrow as all these facts coming together can have a real impact on its price.

Happy Trading! [17] Disclaimer: [18] This email and the content provided is intended for commercial advertisement purposes only. Never invest in any stock featured on our site or emails unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. The disclaimer is to be read and fully understood before using our site, or joining our e-mail list. PLEASE NOTE: employees are not registered as an Investment Advisor or Investment Analyst in any jurisdiction whatsoever. This is not an independent and unbiased newsletter. Full disclaimer can be read at [19] Release of Liability: Through use of this website/newsletter viewing or using you agree to hold, its operators owners and employees harmless and to completely release them from any and all liability due to any and all loss (monetary or otherwise), damage (monetary or otherwise), or injury (monetary or otherwise) that you may incur. The information contained herein is based on sources which we believe to be reliable but is not guaranteed by us as being accurate and does not purport to be a complete statement or summary of the available data.`s affiliates may from time to time have a position in the securities mentioned herein and may increase or decrease such positions without notice. This may occur anytime before, during or after Stockgonewild`s advertisement efforts. Any opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. encourages readers and investors to supplement the information in these reports with independent research and other pro advice. All information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, through their website or is available from public sources and makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the disclosure by the profiled companies. does not independently investigate the information. often receives compensation for marketing, awareness and investor relation services, which can be reviewed within our disclaimer.

For ifhr we received thirty thousand dollars by a third party, s.o.s. resource services, inc for a one day awareness program. does not own any shares of ifhr. The third party may have shares and may liquidate them which may negatively affect the stock price. This compensation constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled company. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Any claims or Statements should be deemed apocryphal., nor any of its affiliates are registered investment advisors or broker dealers.

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I.C. USA Inc. | POB 230491 | Brooklyn, NY 11223

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