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4/19/2012 9:16 AM
Penny Stocks by: Moving Pennies

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Hello Traders! As we expected, TRON released a PR for the 8K that we saw yesterday.

Toron Inc. owns 53,547 acres as it closes the purchase of 140 claims in the Val Dor area of Quebec With the acquisition of these 140 claims and the already existing 255 claims,Toron now has a total of 395 claims that it owns outright; covering 53,547 acres. This gives Toron a very substantial land position in the Val Dor mining region of Quebec.

[1]Full Report TRON continues to expand its claims and the land it owns. We are excited to see where this company goes in the future! -MP Big Winners for 2012:

LDPP 900%+ BPAX 200%+ EVDR 130%+ APRE 85%+ NSRS 75%+ CYCA 50%+ EGOC 70%+ GRDC 200%+ TEGY 2000%+ (+100% 2nd day) SNPK 150%+ Primary Investments LLC has been compensated five thousand dollars for TRON by Micro Cap Consultants LLC.

References 1. This message was sent to from:

Primary Investments LLC | 156 Upper Valley Lane | Newark, De 19711

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