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RE: - Featured Company Profile: American Liberty Petroleum (OREO)

4/22/2012 2:39 PM
Penny Stocks by: Chart Poppers

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Just in-case you missed yesterdays email about tomorrow`s trading here, below you can view an exact copy of what was sent out.   ------------   Featured Company Profile: American Liberty Petroleum (OREO)   I mentioned to you last week that I would be sending you a new company profile to look at over the weekend, a company that I thought was looking
really strong, showing all the bullish movements we look for, and was already liquid.   Today, I want you to put this company on your immediate watch list, and consider it for a trade this upcoming Monday morning. (April 23, 2012)
- We could be in store for a nice little ride here -    Here`s the details: (Make sure you read the entire email, the information is quite valuable) Company Name: American Liberty Petroleum Corp.

Trading Symbol: OREO Stock Quote:   Website:   I`ll break down this report to you in a few different ways.   1) Company Profile 2) Recent Market Activity 3) Technicals   COMPANY PROFILE American Liberty Petroleum Corp. (OREO) is a Bakersfield, California based Oil & Gas company focused on reducing Americas need for imported
oil through the discovery of major, new onshore U.S. energy resources and by tapping overlooked or undervalued onshore domestic resources
through innovative exploration and development technologies.

The news of recent significant discoveries, such as Occidental Petroleum`s estimated 1+ billion barrels of oil and natural gas equivalents in
California, made evident the potential for developing new oil and gas production solutions in western America.

OREO  looks to capitalize on this western oil opportunity in a big way with their two current projects located in the under explored state
of Nevada.

OREO `s Gabbs Valley Project is located on the 26,000-acre Cobble Cuesta structure, which is estimated to represent oil reserves of 4+ billion

OREO `s Kibby Flat Project is located in a 7,270-acre Monte Cristo basin, which represents an estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of as high as
669 million barrels of oil according to a 2008 report.

As you can tell from above  OREO `s current holdings have the potential to greatly surpass Occidental Petroleum`s recent discoveries which
in turn could lead to huge profits for  OREO  and their shareholders.

 - - - We all know how big these oil plays can be, and if analysts opinions are correct in where the price of oil will be in the immediate
short term here, then any company who is in this field stands a very strong chance at seeing some very strong income statement increases based
on that one fact alone. - - -   There`s literally a plethora of more information available about American Liberty Petroleum at their website here:   RECENT MARKET ACTIVITY This to me is where things start to get more exciting. I`ve also looked at the markets a little differently than some, but I personally believe
a lot can be said mass psychology in the stock market, which of course is driven by many different factors outside of the `normal` realm such
as: balance sheets, income statements, etc.   Take a look at this 1 month chart below:

    (Charts courtesy of ) One thing stands out to me about the chart above. Take into consideration this is a 1 month chart. The company shows steady volume in a fairly
predictable range, until, more investor interest comes in on the 16th of this month. The moment we see a little increase in volume, the shares
react positively!  My personal take on plays like this are really quite simple... We ride those waves, and profit by trading them smartly.

OREO recently announced a research report that was conducted on the company by Grass Roots Research as follows (Click To Read):  American
Liberty Petroleum Corp. Announces Grass Roots Research and Distribution Issues Positive Research and Analysis Report and Sets a Long-Term Price
to Capital Employed (P/CE) Ratio at $5.48     All in all, the recent market activity has demonstrated that when some investor interest comes into this stocks market place, we tend to see
positive uptrends.

Put this stock on your radar first thing Monday morning (April 23, 2012).

TECHNICALS A quick look into the technicals of OREO show very light resistance going into the $2.00 range (This is by no means a target price, just an
overview of the available information).   The MACD indicators are outlined as follows:   - Short Term: VERY BULLISH - Intermediate: BULLISH - Long Term: NEUTRAL The EMA indicators are outlined as follows:

- Short Term: BULLISH - Intermediate: BULLISH - Long Term: VERY BULLISH Overall the stock is poised as neutral, and BULLISH long term.   ---   The facts have been laid out for you here. Our thoughts on OREO are that this is a bullish play that has the ability to show all of us some
nice gains. The stock is already liquid, so there`s little risk of getting `stuck` in the trade, and we seem to have an acceptable level of
fluctuation to play around with in OREO.    Follow the momentum with this play, and I think we`re positioned well for a nice little ride here. As always, I will keep you all informed as
to this company`s progress moving forward, along with market activity.   All you need to do is make sure you`re ready to trade OREO this upcoming Monday morning at the opening bell (April 23, 2012).   Enjoy the trade on Monday, and the rest of your weekend!   All the best!                                                                                                           This newsletter is a paid advertisement and is  neither an offer nor recommendation to buy or  sell any security. We hold no
investment licenses  and are thus neither licensed nor qualified to  provide investment advice. The content in this  report or
email is not provided to any individual  with a view toward their individual circumstances. chartpoppers .com is a wholly-owned subsidiary  of Allan James Group, Inc.. Allan James Group, Inc.  has been compensated nine thousand dollars  from Winning Media for OREO   advertising and    promotion. This 3rd party may    have shares in OREO, and may
liquidate their   shares which could have a negative effect on the    price of the stock. This compensation
constitutes    a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain    objective in our communication regarding the    profiled company. Because of this conflict,    individuals are strongly encouraged to not use    this newsletter as the basis for any investment    decision. Allan James Group, Inc. and its    affiliates currently hold no shares in any of the    profiled companies in this report.

While all information is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed by us to be accurate. Individuals should assume that all information contained in our newsletter is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Also, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, there will likely be differences between any predictions and actual results. Always consult a real licensed investment professional before making any investment decision. Be extremely careful, investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may likely lose some or all of the investment.

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