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PTAM: the ONLY public company with this RARE $8Billion mineral

4/23/2012 4:37 PM
Penny Stocks by: PSLocks

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[1][jpeg] This Companys Colossal $8 Billion Discovery Is Giving You The Chance To Grab 2,935% Profits! Already sitting on top of $8 Billion worth of an amazing rare earth mineral (with some estimates topping $50 Billion!) $1 Potash America (PTAM) could have you recording 2,935% gains! The best part The very moment they go public, theyre creating their very own multi-Billion dollar industry literally overnight! By doing so...

We could watch a meager $5,000 investment rocket to $146,750... or $10,000 transform into $293,500! Hello, Very rarely does an investor get a chance to get in on the proverbial bottom floor of a skyrocketing company, let alone a blossoming industry. But by acting on Potash America (PTAM) today, thats exactly what youre doing...

Because what theyve just discovered in the desert sands of Nevada is already worth a mind-boggling $8 Billion right now before theyve even pulled one ounce of this millionaire mineral out of the ground, with a chance at $50 Billion before all is said and done.

Which rare earth mineral is about to put PTAM on the map Its called Calcium Montmorillonite, and its specific uses in the fertilizer, medical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries could easily make us unbelievably rich! [2][videostill.jpg] Ill tell you all about this miracle mud in a few minutes, because it truly is amazing to see everything montmorillonite can do...

But what Id rather focus on right now, and the reason as to why Im so excited for PTAMs profit potential, is the fact that PTAM is the first and only publicly traded Montmorillonite pure play on the planet! Meaning this...

The moment that PTAM traded their first share, theyve single-handedly setup a multi-Billion dollar public industry! This is big.

Huge in fact, and it puts them in the same boat as another industry trailblazer, Potash Corp (POT), who returned early investors a whopping profit of 2,935% in a very short amount of time.

They did exactly what PTAM is doing but without this miracle mud which is why Im so confident that PTAM could easily return us that same 2,935% gains if not a little extra! But there is a lot more to the Potash America story, including a traditional potash play in a historically mineral rich sector of Newfoundland that could have even more profits rolling our way...

Ill give you all the details in my latest Special Report: How Rare Earth Minerals Are Creating Billionaires Overnight Regardless Of Market Conditions.

Once youve seen all the facts for yourself, Im sure youll agree with me that Potash America (PTAM) has the very real potential to not only create a multi-Billion dollar industry overnight...

But create true wealth for those of us that act on PTAM today because remember, no other public company that I can find is doing this! To Your Future Wealth! Shawn Ambrosino Head Analyst, M3 Profit Accelerator [3]Read the Full Free Report Right Now! Addendum to Disclaimer:

The preceding is a paid advertisement and the information herewithin was not collected, nor verified by has been compensated $20,000 by Capital Financial Media, LLC (CFM) on 04/24/2012 for the distribution of this creative on PTAM. owns no shares of PTAM, nor intends to buy any shares in the future. Review our Full Disclaimer at [4] Follow Us On:

[5][png] [6][png] References 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.!/pennystocklocks This message was sent to from: | 300 Bloomfield Ave | Verona, NJ 07044

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