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4/23/2012 5:16 PM
Penny Stocks by: PS4Dummies

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Good Evening Dummies! As many of you may already have realized, SUFF was a bust. SUFF was blocked by many of the larger brokers which we believed contributed to how the stock traded today. Fortunately this means that most of you were not able to buy this stock anyway.

SUFF did however hit a high of .0085 a share, about 15% from yesterdays closing price.

In other news, RSRS jump a bit higher this morning, hitting 1.10 a share for a potential gain of over 20% for those that played the dip on friday! SEFE has been quite an amazing play as a few of you may already know. We wish we would have emailed this one sooner but we did actually write a short article on SEFE Friday which can be read [1]here. SEFE jumped up 30% today! We tweeted this one in the past around 1.00 a share so were looking at well over 100% in gains already from then! We reccomend keeping this one on a long term watch.

Moving on, we have a new and exciting alert for tomorrow! This stock has just begun gaining attention from traders so make sure you check out our full report and find out why investors are flocking to this stock! Our full report will be hitting inboxes later tonight! -PSFD Big Winners for 2012:

LDPP 900%+ BPAX 200%+ EVDR 130%+ APRE 85%+ NSRS 75%+ CYCA 50%+ EGOC 70%+ GRDC 200%+ Penny Stocks For Dummies has been compensated five thousand dollars for this marketing campaign on Suff Holdings Inc by Actual Investments LLC References 1.

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