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4/23/2012 9:08 PM
Penny Stocks by: PS4Dummies

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Good Evening Dummies! Our New Alert is: Siga Resources Inc. (SGAE) Siga Resources Inc. is a gold and mineral exploration company with a public float of just over 20 m shares and a current low entry point. With a low float and attractive entry price, Siga Resources has the potential to see significant gains in a very short amount of time as it gains momentum and trading activity increases.

With all the right characteristics, investors seeking to leverage current trends could kick start a major increase in volume for Siga, which could be just the catalyst it needs to go break through resistance levels and sky rocket back up towards its 52 week highs of $2.50 per share! We already saw a major volume spike today as well as a sharp increase in price. Lets see what tomorrow brings for this little company! About Siga Resources (SGAE) Siga Resources Inc. is a gold and mineral exploration company incorporated in Nevada in 2007. Siga is currently based in South Lake Tahoe, California. Under new management since September 2010, Siga has a revised corporate strategy and is targeting precious metals properties that have the potential for production and early positive cash flow.

Investment Highlights * SGAE has acquired 100% of the Lucky Thirteen Mining property in British Columbia. In a 2007 report by by T. Sadlier Brown and P. Geo reported that the more recently documented sampling programs in the tested area of the gravel bar estimated approximately 250,000 oz of gold contained in approx 4 million cubic yards of sands and gravels.

* Also in the Report, an undetermined but possibly significant amount of platinum group metals (PGEs) * Survey indicates the initial area of interest contains 12 million cubic yards (21 million short tons) of sand and gravels to a depth of 20 meters above sea level; given reports, potential seems excellent.

* SGAE controls a 100% interest in the Valolo Gold Claim located in the Republic of Fiji. Valolo is the project that Siga was founded to explore. The current corporate focus is toward more advanced or near production projects than the Valolo, therefore, is a second priority to other projects.

SGAE is small because of its relatively low market valuation and has Huge Growth Potential because they could be pulling around a billion dollar`s worth of Gold out of their mines in the future if the geologists are right! SGAE has a very positive outlook on future production. The company primarily holds a 100% interest in the Valolo Gold Claim covering an area of approximately 72.5 hectares located in the Republic of Fiji as well as newly negotiated agreement for the purchase of American Hill Aggregates LTD interest in Lot 57, which underlies a portion of its Lucky Thirteen Placer Claim. Siga expects to close the purchase no later than the end of April 2012.

On a regional basis the area of Fiji in which the Valolo Claim is located is notable for epithermal gold mineralization such as that exploited at the Nasoata Mine. Structures and shear zones affiliated with mineralization on adjacent properties pass through the Valolo Claim. While Data is still being compiled for the Lucky Thirteen project, an empirically derived estimate of the average Gold Value encountered by reports according to the SGAE website, is on the order of $42 per cubic yard at 2007 gold prices of $675 per ounce, which translates to roughly $105 per cubic yard at current prices of $1700 per ounce.

Share Structure:

SGAE`s low float allows for significant movement within a short time frame even without significant institutional support. With a market Capitalization of $7 Million and around 45,000,000 shares outstanding, SGAE`s public float is just above 20 m shares.

With several of the major qualities that investors may seek out in order to see near term gains, an increase in trading activity could take SGAE on a breakout run. With its current low entry point, and 52 week high of $2.50 per share, SGAE has plenty of room for movement! SGAE has Enormous Growth Potential! Check out this recent PR:

* [1]Siga Resources Completes Purchase Agreement with American Hill Aggregates on Lucky Thirteen PlacerMarketwire (Tue, Mar 13) With two major projects; the Lucky Thirteen Placer and the Valolo Gold Exploration Claim, SGAE could see Major Growth from successful production.

Make sure SGAE is on your watch list tomorrow! -PSFD Big Winners for 2012:

LDPP 900%+ BPAX 200%+ EVDR 130%+ APRE 85%+ NSRS 75%+ CYCA 50%+ EGOC 70%+ GRDC 200%+ Penny Stocks For Dummies has been compensated five thousand dollars for this marketing campaign on Siga Resources Inc by Mico Cap Consultants LLC.

References 1. This message was sent to from:

Primary Investments LLC | 156 Upper Valley Lane | Newark, De 19709

See PS4Dummies's website for full disclaimer. PS4Dummies may have received compensation for stock picks.
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