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Why Is WBSI Our New Alert? Read This And Then Ask "Why Not?"

4/23/2012 9:30 PM
Penny Stocks by: ActualGains

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Let`s start with this statement: After today, we got the dud in our winning streak out of the way. It happens. Especially with a track-record as stellar as ours. With that out of the way, we`re well more than ready to get back into the swing of things. Additionally, our last alert on Friday, RSRS, provided 10% additional gains today with expanded weekend awareness, just as we had expected. Nailed it! Hopefully that makes up, slightly, for the inability of our alert to trade properly today.

With all that being said, tonight`s alert for Tuesday`s trading session is perhaps the best, most ACTUAL way to bring redemption.

Be sure to read our lengthy writeup. We went the extra mile here, because the actuality is in the details here and, as we said before...we can`t believe we didn`t find it earlier! However, the timing of our find couldn`t be better, because, as you`ll see, the technicals are ripe for a continued momentous effort.

___________________________________________________________________________ WBSI - WebSafety, Inc.

___________________________________________________________________________ WebSafety, Inc. is the popular leading provider of mobile phone software solutions that notify parents and employers of cyber bullying, explicit or degrading texting, and suspicious or unlawful online behavior. The mobile software applications support devices using Android and BlackBerry wireless operating systems, and operate on all four of the major wireless carriers in the United States and the three major wireless carriers in Canada.

The home website for WBSI is you can follow subscription directions there for interested users.

WebSafety Inc. has been on an uptrend ever since early March once many saw it as an undervalued tech play with a lot to offer. The stock WBSI, which trades on the OTCQB tier of the OTC, rose quickly over $.01 after the CEO had an interview with STT Radio on current and future progresses of the company - [1] ml WBSI has your typical wave patterns that are so common with great cost averaging and timely accumulation investments. Right now, we think WBSI has entered a great buyers level as it has retraced its gains ([2] on record daily volumes that are now reaching 8mil-20mil daily of late. These typical loading zones have lasted for 8 days or less in the past and we are now on day 3 of the WBSI retrace making the potential timing ripe for the picking.

Why is WBSI a potentially great long term play at these levels This is obvious to anyone who has been following Industry trends, IPOs, and Venture Capital for the past 2 years+. WBSI is in the RIGHT industry and targets a very important social topic and family affair that makes much of the public an interested party. WBSI combines the Tech. expertise and necessary Mobile Application Markets with the ever-present and much talked about disease of childhoods across the world Bullying.

The success of and responses to Harvey Weinsteins new hit movie BULLY have made children-awareness/monitoring and the anti-bullying movement a very hot topic in 2012 as it should be. Here is what WBSI offers to the modern world to put an end to bullying and change the present and future of parents and their childrens lives for the better.

___________________________________________________________________________ The FREE App Network that WebSafety currently offers can be found on their website [3] - WBSI bridges the communication gap that so crucial to finding the hidden and unearthed problems. With Websafety, parents dont have to constantly monitor every word their child writes, parents are instantly notified at the first sign of danger giving their child a sense of freedom helping build trust and mutual respect while keeping children SAFE! WBSI has created a Safety Zone in which parents can now monitor LIVE-24/7 details of their childrens lives that they would not have had access to before while still remaining Non-Invasive. Safety. Red flags can be raised instantly Reports and alerts that are Necessary for any parent to know are texted and/or emailed to that parent in an INSTANT saving the child from potential harm.

The only mobile parental control that contains the worlds largest word recognition library of its kind: WebSafetys advanced database technology, is capable of searching more than 22,000 words, terms and phrases that spell danger. Alerts instantly notify instances of sexting, texting while driving, cyber- bullying, pornography, or predatory conduct.

WebSaftey is a child locator and enables parents to actively monitor the tremendous amount of mobile phone-based texting communications that occur outside of the realm of social media networking.

___________________________________________________________________________ Here is an example of what a WebSafety Alert will report upon to the using parent ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Can you vision a world where every caring and concerned parent has WebSafety We can. We believe it will not only become an essential tool for many at-risk children, but in many cases it may be mandated.

Is WebSafety growing and can it become a household name Yes it is already aggressively growing the brand name. The APP industry is set to explode AGAIN in 2012 after a record year in 2011. WebSafety is quickly entering States (Ohio and Michigan via Recent Point of Sales Prs), new Verizon and AT&T stores, and traveling via childrens safety and Tech. articles. The investor awareness is evident in recent increased volume.

What do potential user figures look like Via [4] we can determine that there are ~43mil children between the ages of 6-17 in America.

If we take 50% of that to accommodate for 2 children perhousehold and then give WebSafety a 5% user rate we have 21.5mil*.05 = 1075000.

WebSafety offers partially free services but a ONE-Time solutions contract of $7.99. This is a modest monthly rate that SHOULD decrease with demand.

1,075,000 users x $7.99 contract = $8,589,500 in Sales a MONTH for USA at 5% user rate. The upside wildcard is enormous here. If WebSafety continues its current rollout and hits on all cylinders it could grow into the $105M Revenue Producing Tech company that we believe it can be. WBSI could be profitable in no time with these sorts of sales figures trickling in, and that of course would appeal to all sorts of investors.

Instagram was recently bought out for over $1B. The PUBLIC market is not full of potential Tech Homeruns, so we believe that taking a piece of growing star like WBSI is a very intelligent move at this point in the game.

A stock and product like WBSI has a great chance to go viral given the social prominence of the Bullying topic, the growing rate of APP users, and the manner in which Tech Homeruns are hit in an INSTANT.

Best part is that WBSI work with all these big guys:

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ To top it all off. WBSI is VERY active right now! Here are the Recent Press Releases concerning WebSafety.

___________________________________________________________________________ [5] [6]WebSafety(TM) Mobile Phone Software Now Available to Verizon Authorized Dealer CustomersGlobeNewswire(Mon 8:00AM EDT) [7]WEBSAFETY, INC. FinancialsEDGAR Online Financials(Fri, Apr 20) [8]WebSafety(TM) Provides Market Insight for the Acclaimed WebSafety Anti-Cyberbullying and Parental-Notification ApplicationGlobeNewswire(Wed, Apr 18) [9]WEBSAFETY, INC. Files SEC form 10-K, Annual ReportEDGAR Online(Mon, Apr 16) [10]WebSafety(TM) and AT&T Retail-Point of Sale Program Expands Into OhioGlobeNewswire(Fri, Apr 13) [11]WebSafety(TM) Anti-Cyberbullying and Child-Safety Mobile Phone Software Available to AT&T Retail Mobile Phone CustomersGlobeNewswire(Tue, Mar 27) [12]WebSafety Inc. Launches Next-Generation Anti-Cyberbullying Mobile Phone Software and Child-Safety "Parental Power Tools"GlobeNewswire(Wed, Mar 21) [13]WEBSAFETY, INC. Files SEC form 8-K, Change in Directors or Principal OfficersEDGAR Online(Mon, Mar 19) [14]WebSafety, Inc. Announces CEO Radio InterviewMarketwire(Fri, Mar 16) [15]WEBSAFETY, INC. Files SEC form 10-Q/A, Quarterly ReportEDGAR Online(Wed, Dec 21) ___________________________________________________________________________ We get it. You`re probably impressed. We know. we did our homework and now we`re sharing it with you.

With partners like that, solid steady progress, great technicals, and a core that rings of sustainability and innovation, WBSI makes it to the A-Tier fo Actuality! It shouldn`t be a problem to....

ENJOY WBSI -AG 2012 Track-Record Current Month: April SUFF - -27% Hardly able to trade. Big spread. Big mess. we admit defeat.

RSRS - 16% and counting GOSY - 10% (really 20% from open to HOD, but that rip led to an eventual dip) RDSH - -5% on just a badly traded day...

DHSM - 30% on a perfect news based alert QUMI -29% on just the first day! HDSI - 100% on an amazing bounce call! BRZV - 13% in intraday, simplistic, standard gains.

TRON - 20% Seems to just be getting started.

GRNE - 40% Opened at .0005 and hit a high of .0007 ___________________________________________________________________________ March: Gives 196% in Total Gains. [16]Proof February: Gives 627% In Total Gains. [17]Proof January: Gives 285% In Total Gains. [18]Proof References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. This message was sent to from:

Actual Investments, LLC | Financial District | New York, NY 10011

See ActualGains's website for full disclaimer. ActualGains may have received compensation for stock picks.
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