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5/1/2012 12:38 AM
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FBCD is a toy manufacturer that is evolving into an internet platform to purchase all things artistic, collectable, and desired on the web.

FBCD`s website will allow any artist, both professional and amateur, to have a virtual showroom to display their products.

Earlier this month, FBCD announced a partnership with Todd Wahnish, a New York- based artist and designer of web apps, limited edition toys, and animation.

Todd began his career in traditional hand-drawn cel animation, creating and directing hundreds of animated works for television.

His animations have appeared on MTV, BET, FUSE, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, PBS, TNT, TBS, the WB, Spike TV, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Saturday Night Live among others.

Todd has worked with many of the world`s top brands, including Coach and Google.

His involvement in creating the music video "Thin Red Line" for the Grammy winning hip-hop group "The Roots" led to the first nationwide broadcast quality animation created entirely with Adobe Flash.

This groundbreaking video, which originally aired on BET in mid 2000, helped open the door for the next generation of animated television and film.

Adobe Flash is now the standard for creating traditional animation for TV throughout the world.

In 2003, Todd began designing and producing limited edition vinyl toys.

His first collaboration was with Hong Kong based Toy2R.

Later, he worked with Kid Robot on a series of prototypes for brands including the animated rock group the Gorillaz, legendary punk band The Misfits and Onitsuka Tiger.

In 2010, Todd launched the Aarting Collection as a place to create the first community-based art brand.

The Aarting Collection`s first contest, "Blankie", received designer submissions from all over the world, and during the voting phase, received over 150,000 unique votes in its first two weeks.

The votes were used to select the 12 winning designs included in the series, and Blankie is now available at boutiques in over 30 countries.

Todd is sure to be an asset to FBCD in the development of the company`s new website/web portal/web application.

Last week, FBCD announced a licensing agreement with Mike Kern of Sport Technology LLC for their Flowboard product.

Since 2003, Mike Kern and Sport Technology have revolutionized the action sport world with the Flowboard.

The Flowboard is an evolution of the modern skateboard. It has a total of 14 wheels that allows for greater flexibility in turning and leaning from side to side.

This flexibility gives it the feel of a surfboard or snowboard while allowing the rider to use it in almost any urban climate.

For more information on the Flowboard please see a Los Angeles Time Article: FBCD has been very busy branching out and expanding its revenue potential, but this is just the tip of the iceberg and from the tone of management, I expect more exciting news to soon follow.

If there was ever an easy double, FBCD would probably be it.

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