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9/26/2012 7:56 PM
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Howdy Folks, After our last pick went up 25%, we decided that it was time to bring you another gem. Our alert for today is an electronic company that utilizes fundraisers, collection events, and their own online portal as well as has a presence in schools around the valley that educates students on sustainability.

One of their prerogatives is to give a helping hand to organizations, charities, businesses, and schools in raising funds for the good of the public. Companies that work hard to better society and that give a helping hand to the many groups that are in need are highly regarded in today`s world.

In addition, they are the only U.S. electronic E-waste program that collects, refurbishes, resells, and recycles used gadgets.

According to an ABI Research study, the market for E-Waste recycling will grow from $5.7 billion in 2009 to roughly $14.7 billion by the end of 2014.

Their "bricks and clicks" model allows consumers the ability to easily trade old electronics for cash and rewards points while at the same time learning how to be green and preserve the environment! Going Green is a motto that is more and more regarded in the world today, especially with our planet needing more and more of our sustainability measures.

So now, without further ado, let us introduce Youchange Holding, Corporation (OTC: YCNG).

Youchange (OTC:YCNG) is an electronics collection company that utilizes fundraisers, collection events and our online portal.

Aside from collecting electronics, YCNG has a presence in schools around the valley teaching students about current sustainability problems around the world. Also, we can provide charities, organizations, businesses, and schools with a means to raise funds.

YCNG is the only U.S. electronic E-waste program that collects, refurbishes, resells and recycles used gadgets. Through a "bricks and clicks" model, consumers can conveniently trade old electronics for cash and rewards points, all while learning how to be green and protecting the environment. The company`s re-Commerce platform accepts laptops, computers, cell phones, smart phones, PDA`s, mp3 players, calculators, external drives, game consoles, digital cameras, streaming media devices, tablet e-readers and even low-value defunct electronics like batteries. Items submitted to are either refurbished and resold or responsibly recycled.

Turning your old gadgets into green is as simple as 1-2-3 1. Find: Calculate the Value of your Gadgets 2. Pack It: Ship or Drop Off your Gadgets 3. Collect It: Earn Cash and Reward Points Check out their most recent press release! Youchange Announces Partnership with Paradise Valley Mall for School Cents 2012 Fifteen schools are competing for cash prizes up to $3,000! SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- YouChange Holdings Corp ("youchange(TM)") (YCNG), a leading Community for electronics collection, e-waste tracking, and re-Commerce, today announced its partnership with Paradise Valley Mall for School Cents 2012.

School Cents is a Paradise Valley Mall annual event. This year, fifteen schools will compete for a $3,000 grand prize.

Participating schools are awarded points for taking certain actions such as buying gift cards from the mall, signing up for the mall email alerts and liking the mall`s Facebook page. This year`s exciting addition to the contest is the mall`s partnership with youchange because schools will have the opportunity to earn even more points. Schools will earn extra points for dropping off unwanted functioning and non-functioning consumer electronic items in the following categories:

Desktop Computer Systems Smart Phones Laptop and Tablet Computers Video Game Consoles (full size) Cell Phones Digital Camcorders & Cameras DVD/Video Players E-Readers GPS Systems Hard Disk Drives LCD Monitors MP3 Players Hand Held Game System The school that ends the contest with the most points is awarded $3,000. "We are especially excited about this year`s competition.

Adding the consumer electronic collection element allows us to provide a new method of earning points in addition to promoting the proper disposal and recycling of electronic items - items which have a huge impact on our landfills and our environment," said Munira Smith, Senior Marketing Manager for Paradise Valley Mall.

This year`s School Cents program will be held August 15th - December 3rd and a portion of the proceeds from the electronics donations will go to support The Foundation for Public Education.

"We are so grateful to Paradise Valley Mall and youchange to be a recipient for the School Cents 2012 campaign. Not only will the students have fun and learn about some important environmental issues, we will be able to use the funds to go right back into supporting programs at the participating schools. So it`s a great cause all around," stated The Foundation for Public Education CEO, Courtney Sullivan.

Participating schools are:

Desert Cove Elementary Desert Shadows Elementary Desert Shadows Middle School Desert Springs Prep School Hidden Hills Elementary Horizon High School North Ranch Elementary Paradise Valley High School Sandpiper Elementary Shadow Mountain High School Shea Middle School Sunrise Middle School Village Vista Elementary Vista Verde Middle School Whispering Wind Academy "Partnering with Paradise Valley Mall for School Cents will expand our mission to educate students about electronic waste, while converting collection and recycling into financial support for local schools. We look forward to the continued expansion of school partnerships as we add more locations in 2013," said Derrick Mains, Executive Vice President of youchange. "It starts with you...and ends in change." Always remember to conduct your own research and due diligence, accordingly. For more information, visit the company`s website at:

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