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* GVIT - Runway`s New VIP Report, Tomorrow`s New Winning Alert...TODAY. Momo-engaged!

1/16/2013 6:56 PM
Penny Stocks by: StockRunway

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Good Evening Profit Seekers, VIP Crew: Starting off soaring into the 2013 new year with massive gains of 110% earlier in the week leave us under center stage for our Next Potential Profit Buster for Thursday.

Our new motto seems simple..."Be First More Often". It sounds almost too good to be true but with the power of the markets and the depth of StockRunway...It`s sheer brilliance! A mind-boggling 11 in a row intact - Ready, willing and more than able for Thursday! Safety first - we`ve said it before, we`ll repeat it again and again. One needs to plan the trade before entering to ensure the greatest degree of success. Thankfully for you, we`ve done just that.

This Hot New Momo Jet could make it 12 in a row...That`s right...I said 12! Runway`s Hot New Breakout Pick: GVIT Geo Vision International Group Fundamental Analysis:

Company: Geo Vision International Current Price Tag: $.027 Catalyst: Technical Breakout Company Website: What Is Better Than A Brand New Sizzling Alert To Bank On When StockRunway Provides The Research And Offers The Foresight GVIT - Lets Just Say This Could Very Well Be Next Weeks New Winning Play & Top Story Let Alone Tomorrow! Massive Coverage On The Docket...

Technical Analysis:

GVIT: Geo-Vision - Speaking of vision, Look at this monster in the making: Red-Hot New Breakout You`re probably scratching your head thinking, what am I looking at Well, this confirms what we`ve said many times previously. We have super sensitive scanners which pick up on unusual trading or volume. This one lit up our scanners.

GVIT stock had not traded in several months. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Zilch. Get the picture This is brand-spanking new. And when it set off the scanners, and we researched it, we liked what we found.

GVIT was up today in their first day of trading. What we are seeing is a fresh company with a brand new opportunity to get in ahead of future investors. A chart is created when new investors speculate on an opportunity and then sell to the investing public when more info becomes available. Well, that`s who we are - opportunists. And as capitalistic opportunists, we have a prime example to capitalize on a measured move.

Today`s trading was significant in dollar volume. It traded a nice portion of the market capitalization for the company. This means brand new shareholders are on board, and they have some pretty deep pockets to trade this much on a new issue. So we intend to follow the smart money. Can this trend continue We certainly think so.

Ride the wave Thursday, Friday and Next Week as this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awareness and exposure. We bring you to the forefront of the masses today rather than tomorrow giving you the edge you may need to beat the street. If Wednesday was an indication, this one is sure to impress us all.

About Geo-Vision International:

Geo-Vision International - GVIT is dedicated to offering health conscious Boomers safe and natural products at affordable prices.

Their mission is to provide effective supplements to not just maintain but improve health and well being.

They are passionately committed to customers and supply only the finest quality nutritional and dietary supplements at a high value.

Their supply chains are closely monitored and meet the highest FDA standards.

GVIT aggressively pursues innovations that assist those seeking greater wellness. Long-time customers trust their brand and know their quality surpasses that of others. They return again and again to purchase Geo Vision products and feel healthier.

Visit the company website here: GVIT: The Catalysts Igniting The Stock... GVIT is a brand new natural (Geo) earth-based dietary supplement company for Baby Boomers. They have just created and launched its first line of age-defying and adult performance products today. Based on the magnitude of the launch, its sure seems likethey will not be denied in the marketing space.

GVIT targets its products to specifically serve Baby Boomers more than any other company on the market. Geo Vision provides Baby Boomers with dietary supplement products designed to make the next chapter of their lives more satisfying. Geo Vision develops the highest quality supplements and products to serve Boomers, the largest age segment in the U.S. population accounting for approximately 25%.

GVIT was developed by a team of experts with a vision - the Geo Vision. Every product uses all-natural ingredients at near prescription strength to ensure customers receive products that exceed their expectations. All of Geo Vision`s products are formulated in an FDA-certified laboratory and are manufactured in the U.S. Geo Vision has dedicated a majority stake of its operating capital toward ensuring that the age-defying needs of Boomers are not only met but exceeded.

GVIT is well positioned to easily reach its national sales goals and increase market share in the Boomer segment.GVIT - Look At The Market For These Products! GVIT cites a 2009 Pew Research survey which states the typical Boomer believes that old age does not begin until age 72. As a result, Boomers continue to attempt to stave off the signs of aging for as long as possible.While about half of all adults say they feel younger than their actual age, fully 61% of Boomers are feeling more spry than their age would imply. In fact, the typical Boomer feels nine years younger than his or her chronological age. Geo Vision is dedicated to helping Boomers continue this youthful zeal.

GVIT notes that in 2011, Americans spent more than $80 billion on age-defying products. This is projected to grow to $114 billion by 2015. These figures are astonishing! Geo Vision will be there to answer the ever-increasing needs of Baby Boomers as it relates to natural supplements for both age-defying and performance enhancements.In an effort to capitalize on the market`s growing demand and to realize full profit potential, Geo Vision has hired a top-notch sales team as well as an independent marketing team. These highly successful consulting firms have placed nutraceuticals in national pharmacy chains such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid.Get this: Research Reports show that Nutritional Supplement Sales hit $11.5 Billion in 2012, and it is forecasted to Increase to $15.5 Billion by 2017!According to Research done by Nielson Marketing, Baby Boomers are the `Most Valuable Generation` as they are Poised to make up Half of the U.S. Population by 2017! All The Above IS A Prescription Strategy For Emerging Growth! StockRunway as always reminds all of our members to conduct their own research on every company that is profiled.

Let`s continue your research right now at the company`s website:* Follow up on timely delivery by adding our email, to your safe senders contacts. Whitelist our email to provide efficient confirmation on all of our reports. It would be counter productive if our alerts came in late or not at all. Pricing and Timing is everything.

* Follow up on timely delivery by adding our email, to your safe senders contacts. It would be counter productive if our alerts came in late or not at all.

Pricing and Timing is everything.

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