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Ecuity, Inc. (ECUI) Next Marijuana Stock?

3/28/2013 7:39 AM
Penny Stocks by: GoldMedalPennyStocks

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Ready to "Grow" Your Portfolio Good morning, traders! Some chatter has recently started up about a certain stock, ECUI, regarding huge potential news that traders could soon
see. The rumors are that ECUI should soon be having a reverse merger with a medical marijuana company. You might be asking yourself now why that
is a big deal. Let us point your attention towards two stocks that have recently experienced huge runs due to similar news:

SKTO ran from $0.0006
per share to $0.08 per share on INSANE volume once a medical marijuana acquisition press release was announced.

FITX ran from
$0.0058 per share to $0.0186 per share on also huge volume when their medical marijuana press release was announced. We are expecting and hoping to see similar moves on ECUI if this reverse merger comes to fruition. The Details: Chart wise, the volume is really coming to life on the green days that the stock has been seeing. This means that ECUI is seeing a lot of

While we aren`t certain of the share structure, we have a feeling the float here is very small because the Level 2
quotes are very thin. This seems to move with more relative ease than FITX or SKTO did before it.   Below we have included our  famous annotated stock chart, and stock chart videos from our dedicated team! Be sure to read through and watch them to get a full grasp on what is coming for ECUI.  We were not compensated for this newsletter. Crux Media Group, 1316 Potomac Pl APT E, Bourbonnais, IL 60914, United States

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