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MSSD Is Our New Third-Dimension Alert - Chart Inside

4/9/2013 8:39 AM
Penny Stocks by: PSRumors

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Today`s Pick: MSSD -------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning readers and welcome new subscribers. Last night we sent you the first part of our report on MSSD, now we will look into its chart and recent developments! Our timely alerts have always been connected to a recent event or trend in the world - today`s 30 cent alert is no exception. In the 2013 State of The Union, President Barack Obama said "3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything." Interested in 3D printing now Our new alert is: MSSD - Massive Dynamics MSSD is an acquirer, developer and seller of leading edge consumer oriented technologies and products ready for rapid commercialization. They are embracing the mainstream adoption of Additive Manufacturing. “Companies worldwide are quickly recognizing the broad implications of the 3D Technologies. The public is becoming better educated on the potential they have as consumers to individualize their purchases,” said MSSD President Oscar Hines. “3D printing is accelerating to the mainstream, it is our goal to make this technology readily available and affordable to the general public.” Recent breaking developments include: Massive Dynamics in Discussion to Use 3D Printing for Iconic Cartoon Character Mon, Apr 1, 2013 - CUPERTINO, Calif. - Massive Dynamics, Inc. (MSSD) has initiated discussions with the creators of an Iconic Cartoon Character to develop plans for using the Company’s 3D Printer, currently in post production, to create toys and figurines. “We are hopeful that a definitive agreement can be reached for Massive Dynamics to be involved with this Famous Cartoon Character,” said President Oscar Hines. “This would be a notable accomplishment for a company, such as us, entering into the 3D space.” Massive Dynamics Negotiating to Acquire Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging Technology Mon, Apr 8, 2013 - CUPERTINO, Calif. - Massive Dynamics Inc. (MSSD) President Oscar Hines has returned from an outstanding trip to Rochester, NY to meet with Jonathan J Howard, founder and CEO of Real-View 3D. After a demonstration of the cutting-edge 3D imaging technologies developed by Real-View the two companies agreed on a framework for the acquisition of the technologies by Massive for inclusion into future product offerings from its PrintForge division.. Further details of the Acquisition will be announced once a Definitive Agreement has been reached. The acquisition of Real-View 3D "will position the Company to compete with companies like 3D Systems Corporation (DDD), The ExOne Company (XONE) and Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS)", according to their latest PR. Technical Analysis: Read our annotations on the following chart and you will see why we think MSSD belongs at the top of your watchlist this morning. ? Currently there are only a handful of public companies exploring this type of technology. MSSD has traded as high as $1.50 this year without much exposure and lack of public awareness. Over the last month or so, it fell to its current levels - however, it looks like yesterday the ticker attempted its "turnaround" and that could continue into this morning. In addition to 3D technology, MSSD produces and manufactures some incredible products including a battery case that allows up to 2X the Battery Life on your iPhone. The ergonomically designed MASSIVE POWER iPhone 5 battery pack effectively doubles the useful battery life of the popular iPhone 5. You can even order it from the web [1]here. Want to find out even more about this exciting company You can check out the company`s website for yourself [2]here. MSSD deserves your full attention today - add it to your radar now! Disclaimer: This newsletter is a paid advertisement and is neither an offer nor recommendation to buy or sell any security. We hold no investment licenses and are thus neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. The content in this report. We have been compensated nine thousand dollars via bank wire for this mssd advertisement from a third party. This compensation constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled company. Because of this conflict, individuals are strongly encouraged to not use this newsletter as the basis for any investment decision. While all information is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed by us to be accurate. Individuals should assume that all information contained in our newsletter is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Also, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, there will likely be differences between the any predictions and actual results. Always consult a real licensed investment professional before making any investment decision. Be extremely careful, investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may likely lose some or all of the investment. References 1. 2. This message was sent to from:

initial investments, llc | P.O. Box 26046 | Wilmington, DE 19899

See PSRumors's website for full disclaimer. PSRumors may have received compensation for stock picks.
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